Step 1. - Getting to the Essence of what that means for you.

All your bases in Spanish<>English communications will be covered, from how your staff projects your bilingual brand to having unified and precise written and oral content. During this session, you'll excitedly be thinking about all the ways in which you can make them say, "No way!" (Or ¡no me digas!)

Then you'll be shown exactly how it can all come together for that elusive target audience buy-in.

  • Includes a 1.5-2 hour interview and a 2-3 page brief that identifies your seriously bilingual potential and a plan to move forward.


*(This cost gets applied to any option moving forward)


Option #1

Translation Done Right

Your most pressing concern is accurate Spanish<>English content and you’re tired of the disjointed, piecemeal approach.

Often this may cover website content and a marketing brochure to get you started on the right bilingual path!

  • Precise translation of your unique Spanish<>English content
  • Organization-specific style guide(s) 
  • A tailored-to-you glossary
  • Incorporation of minimal changes
  • End-user format proofreading is covered, too!


*Previous payment from the Essence is applied to the cost.

Option #2


Best for those who want to finally feel proud to say their operations are powered by some serious Spanglish! 

Your bilingual personnel will be trained in the art & science of using the most appropriate and professional Spanish-English terms to project the right image. Thus, close rapport will naturally build thanks to your staff's ability to “speak your clients’ language."

The pluses are in the improvement of client-facing bilingual staff interactions in addition to having more of a translation allowance to cover the same TDR deliverables and even some recommended vital documents.

  • Bilingual staff training
  • Translation Done Right service with more translation power


*Previous payment from the Essence is applied to the cost.

Option #3

Essentially Bilinguified

This is the whole unified package in which every component matches and complements the rest: The truly comprehensive solution for you! 

Same Serious Spanglish service along with the skilled oral translation of an interpreter expertly versed in the language of your organization’s essence to facilitate scheduled, event-centered Spanish<>English communications.

  • Interpreting with minimal advance scheduling time no matter where you or the Spanish<>English-speaking persons with whom you want to communicate are located
  • Plus same Serious Spanglish service with an option to forgo some of the components in favor of additional interpreting time


*Previous payment from the Essence is applied to the cost.